April Showers

Well I can only pray for April Showers, the pollen in eastern North Carolina is terrible this year.  I feel like I am breathing yellow dust.  When the wind blow it looks like yellow waves.   No need to clean your car or decks in an hour it is yellow. 
  My allergies are really acting up.  But the good news is that it is keeping me inside and I am getting some work done.

I also have a brick and mortar loacation in downtown Washington, North Carolina.  Will be moving into a larger space next week.  The Harbor District Market is an old McClellans store (a five and dime store) in the 60’s.   I remember going there as a child.  They had a lunch counter and always had live baby chicks at Easter.   Also had a popcorn machine.  The Market is space where local artist like myself and growers can have permanent locations to sell our wares.

Since retiring I am expanding my product line.  Having so much fun exploring new mediums and techniques!

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